May 13th, 2011

Celebrate at Length

Oded Paz, Elongated Coin collector, designer and roller has just released a special elongated coin, commemorating the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The coin shows Prince William and Kate’s profiles, looking at each other, “MARRIED APRIL 29″, on the left, “2011” on the right and “WESTMINSTER ABBEY, LONDON GREAT BRITAIN” on the bottom.

The die is larger (about the size of a quarter), since the design was rolled on the older and larger British half penny and one penny coins.

These coins were not easy to find in the United States and he only has approximately 50 of each coin, so the edition is extremely limited! Oded also rolled this design on U.S. quarters.

A few sets (approximately 10) were rolled on Australian one penny and half penny coins, and they will be sold at the same prices as the British coins.

Half Penny @ $3.00 each
One Penny @ $3.00 each
U.S. Quarter @ $2.00 each

Set of half penny, one penny and quarter: $6.50 (a savings of $1.50)

Set of only the half penny and one penny: $5.00 (a savings of $1.00)

Prices include  shipping in the U.S.

International shipments, please add $1.50 per order.

Checks & money orders are welcomed, to the address below.

PayPal can be arranged. Please email for details.

Oded can be reached at Orders and snail-mail should be sent to: Oded Paz, P.O.Box 0633, Arco, ID 83213-0633.

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