July 8th, 2009

COMMEMORATIVE COIN: Austrian Rabble-Rouser Honored

[VIENNA, AUSTRIA] The Austrian Mint issued a €5 coin to commemorate the 200 years since Andreas Hofer led the Tyrolean people against Napoleon’s invading forces.

The Treaty of Pressburg ceded Tyrol to Bavaria, part of Napoleon’s realm. Andreas Hofer, a charismatic leader, rallied his fellow Tyroleans to join forces and rebel against Napoleon’s forces by the start of 1809. Austrian emperor Francis I also supported the Tyrolean rebellion against the occupying Bavarian troops. Five days later, Hofer and his rebels had succeeded in taking back several towns in Tyrol, including Innsbruck.

Unfortunately, the emperor’s troops were forced to withdraw from Tyrol, Napoleon again took over Innsbruck and Hofer withdrew to the mountains. It wasn’t long, though, before Hofer rallied 20,000 Tyroleans armed with guns and farm implements, drove out Napoleon and recaptured Innsbruck. Hofer was designated commander of the Tyrolean resistance by the Imperial Court of Vienna.

Purchasing and packaging information is available by calling Euro Collections International toll-free at 1-877-897-7696. The coin may also be ordered online at www.eurocollections.com.

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