April 5th, 2013

Davissons Ltd. to Run First Online Auction

12489Davissons Ltd Announces E-Auction 1

Over a period of 40 years, Davissons Ltd has presented many major mail bid sales and price lists. With Lief Davisson joining the long-time partnership of Allan and Marnie Davisson last spring, the family firm launched their new website in 2012 and are now running their first ever electronic auction.

E-Auction 1 consists of 100 carefully selected Greek, Roman and British coins, tokens and medals, spanning more than 2,300 years of history. High quality photos and lot descriptions for the entire sale can be viewed, and bids can be placed directly on the Davissons Ltd website www.davcoin.com, as well as by phone, fax, email and U.S. post.

The sale features many select pieces, including rare but affordable Roman gold solidii of Jovian and Valens; important Greek silver and bronze, including a good style pleasing shekel of Tyre, an attractive Lysimachos tetradrachm, a minty Sikyon stater, and a lovely toned hemidrachm portraying the head of Cleopatra, as well as a beautiful Larissa facing head drachm, the last two both from the important BCD collection.

The Roman section includes some pretty and inexpensive Republican denarii, and imperial and provincial silver and bronze. An extensive offering of English hammered and milled includes Anglo-Saxon from Eadger through many later monarchs including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and a George III “Northumberland” shilling. A piece of high-grade Irish gunmoney is followed by some nice conder tokens and a large format medal featuring young and old heads of Queen Victoria celebrating her 1897 diamond jubilee.

This sale is only the second Davissons Ltd auction to close online. Lots begin closing on Saturday, April 6,  2013 at 10 a.m. using a “soft close” structure. A soft close is meant to imitate a floor sale and discourage the practice of “sniping,” or bidding on a coin at the last second to deny other bidders time to respond. For this auction, every lot is given 40 seconds to close, but if any bids are placed on the lot that is closing then the timer is reset to 40 seconds. This allows all bidders time to think and respond, and there should be no one left frustrated after watching the sale only to be outbid at the last second on their respective lots. Once 40 seconds have passed without a bid the lot is closed, and the next lot begins closing.

After 40 years of print catalogs and mail bid sales, Davissons Ltd has no desire to abandon their paper and ink clients. A high quality printed version of the sale has been mailed to all existing clients, and bids will be accepted in any manner that people are wont to place them: mail, email, fax, phone, in addition to instant online bidding through their website.

For any inquiries please contact Davissons Ltd at info@davcoin.com, phone (320) 685-3835, fax (320) 685-8636, PO Box 323, Cold Spring MN 56320. You may bid by phone, fax, email or U.S. mail. You may view their sale and bid online at www.davcoin.com.

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