September 16th, 2009

Everyone’s Doing It, and Now We Are, Too!

Read Your COINage Magazine Online

About a year ago, COINage finally decided to pursue some avenues in electronic magazine delivery. We contracted with Zinio to help us publish and distribute online versions of the magazine. The global leader in digital publishing, Zinio enables you to shop for, search inside, read, share and save content. Take a look at for more details.

Anyway, we made the announcement in our magazine and on our Web site, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here. My mistake, since the chances are good that if you’re reading blogs, you’re probably reading other publications online.

I am a huge fan of print, but I have to admit that there are several advantages to reading COINage online. (By the way, you get the exact same issue you’d receive in the mail or purchase on the newsstand.)

1) Distribution. I understand that it’s become difficult to find COINage on some newsstands. Zinio is the largest digital newsstand in the world. You WILL find COINage on Zinio’s newsstand.

2) Live links in every issue enable you to conveniently get more information.

3) Permanent access to your electronic back issues.

4) Print only what you need.

5) Reduce your—and our—environmental impact. Whether or not you subscribe to the Global Warming theory, our resources are valuable.

And did I mention the price? A digital subscription to COINage will run you around $25 for 12 issues. That’s well over 50 percent off the cover price, so there’s no excuse to stop receiveing COINage because it falls under “discretionary income” in your budget. If you’re a coin collector, you need COINage.

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