March 21st, 2014

Lighthouse Partners with Intercept Technology

Quadrum interceptLEUCHTTURM ALBENVERLAG, the world’s leading manufacturer of supplies for coin, currency, and stamp collectors and the parent company of LIGHTHOUSE PUBLICATIONS, has recently entered into an exclusive partnership to manufacture and distribute collecting supply products made with the patented INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY™ material which provides active protection against tarnishing.

The cooperation was unveiled in early February by Max Stürken, Managing Director and one of the owners of LEUCHTTURM ALBENVERLAG, in a presentation at the Marketing Forum of the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. Stürken said, “INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY is truly the gold standard in coin storage. Our partnership brings together this market-leading technology and the world’s largest provider of collecting supplies. We are excited to be able to make these new products available to our customers worldwide.”

The first INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY™ products made by LIGHTHOUSE were shown in the U.S. at the ANA National Money Show in Atlanta. Eric Werner, InterceptkapselnPresident of LIGHTHOUSE PUBLICATIONS, explained, “INTERCEPT products have been sold in the U.S. by a different manufacturer for several years but, over the past year or more, many popular models were no longer available. We are now bringing them back, in a fresh look and with the quality that collectors have become accustomed to from LIGHTHOUSE. QUADRUM INTERCEPT snaplocks are available effective immediately. Boxes for slabs and snaplocks or 2×2” holders will be added later this year. Further items are being developed.” It is planned to make these items widely available through coin supply distributors, coin dealers, and through the LIGHTHOUSE website. As is typical for LIGHTHOUSE, an extensive range of accessories and collection systems is being offered to complement the new product line.

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