September 21st, 2010

Message from the ANA

An Important Message Regarding Proposed Import Restrictions
on Greek Numismatic Material

The numismatic community needs your help. The government of Greece has requested in a proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that the United States restrict importation of “Greek cultural artifacts from the Neolithic period until the mid-18th century.” Coins will likely be included in the restricted list of objects. There will be an October 12 public meeting of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee (CPAC) to discuss this issue. The period for submitting comments that will influence CPAC’s recommendation ends on September 22, at 11:59 P.M. EDT. Please make your voice heard regarding this important issue.

The proposed MOU would likely restrict Greek coins based on type, and countless collector coins, from ancient to early modern, could be at stake. This request follows a proposed Italian MOU, and could be an indication that other countries are waiting with similar requests, should the present one be approved. Numismatic researchers may be adversely affected as well, as they will have to depend on museum coin collections, which often involve numerous expenses.

Thanks to the response from the ANA and other organizations, there are signs that coins may have been exempted from the Italian MOU. However, the alarming majority of comments in regards to the Greek MOU are in favor of import restrictions. Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Executive Director Wayne G. Sayles is concerned. “The situation is grave, and the actions of today set precedents for actions of the future,” he said. “We cannot afford to be complacent.”

The responsibility to shift the balance is on us. Please take this opportunity to voice your opinions by accessing the link below and following the instructions. Thank you for your efforts in supporting the hobby!

Submit your comments here.

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