July 29th, 2009

PCGS CoinFacts Is Launched

PCGSCoinFacts’ Changes are Significant

I used CoinFacts.com on a fairly regular basis. A press release calls the new PCGSCoinFacts.com the “Internet’s most comprehensive, one-stop source for historical U.S. numismatic information,” and I agree.

This site allowed me to access a virtual numismatic encyclopedia, historical price guide, reference resources, mintage figures, auction appearances, fantastic photos and more. I used it primarily to track down sources for photos to run with COINage stories. If I wanted a recent photo of the Eliasberg Specimen of the 1913 Liberty Head nickel, all I had to do was log on to CoinFacts. The coin’s entire pedigree was there, and I could call or e-mail the last person on the list and request a photo. It wasn’t always that simple, but pretty close.

The site still provides all of that information and more. I say “used” it on a regular basis because I can no longer access it. The newly revamped PCGS Web site now comes with a monthly subscription fee of $9.95. That’s the special “introductory” rate. That’s $95.40 a year.

I’m a girl on a budget, both editorial and personal. Ten dollars a month–if I register now–doesn’t sound like a lot of money. And really, for everything you get at PCGSCoinFacts.com, it’s not. It’s two or three lattes from my favorite coffee shop, one third of a tank of gas or a few stock photos. A quick tour of the site–that’s free–demonstrates that the price is worth it.

But it’s disappointing and frustrating. I’m disappointed that one of my favorite sources of free information is no longer free.

And I’m frustrated because that’s an additional $10 that I have to budget for, one way or the other. Ten dollars here, $10 there. It really does add up, for some.

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