June 15th, 2009

“Scrip” and Save

Support for a New Economy

In between snippets of Sesame Street and the choruses of, “Mommy, watch!” I’m able to glean the occasional headline from the local paper. This weekend’s Star offered something that could have been right out of the June issue of COINage.

June’s cover story is about scrip, a substitute form of currency that is not legal tender; it’s often a form of credit. Simply stated, scrip has been created as a means of payment where and when regular money is not available.

Now a group in Ojai, Calif., plans to launch its own scrip. The Ojai Economy Group hasn’t yet determined if it will be paper currency or plastic, but some activists hope the “money” will be available this year.

The idea behind the scrip is to encourage a bartering system. The “Valley of the Moon” is situated in the Ojai Valley and has a population well under 10,000. The tiny town is a cultural icon and a recreational mecca—just the kind of town where modern scrip could succeed.

Visit the Web site for the Ojai Economy Group at http://www.ojaieconomy.com/ for more info about the group. The entire Ventura County Star article is also posted on their site.


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