June 22nd, 2010

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Pro and COIN: Why Stop at $2,000?

Gold’s current cycle will take it well into the four-figure range, possibly even into five figures

by Maurice Rosen

Pro and COIN: How high the (Golden) Moon?

Gold will  hit $2,000 an ounce someday. For the good of the national economy, hopefully not on its current cycle

by Tom DeLorey

Diminishing Returns

A proliferation of circulating coins and collector exhaustion factor into the Mint’s lower seigniorage

by Dom Yanchunas

Chester Beach’s Time Capsule

Auction consignment preparations brought to light unexpected treasures from the medallic artist’s studio

by David T. Alexander

Coin Capsule: 2000

People viewed the year as the beginning of a whole new chapter in human history

by Ron Meyer

Book Notes

Everything from Insider’s and Hoards, to Patterns and Standards is reviewed this  month

by Mike Thorne

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