December 29th, 2011

Table of Contents April 2011

The Moy Years at the Mint

He improved customer service and tried to better schedule new-product releases under fiscal constraints

by Dom Yanchunas

The Still Unfolding Saga of the “Saints”

What began as a hunch has turned into a court proceeding that’s become a must-see numismatic event

by John Perritano

Coin Capsule: 1939

Americans spent the year apathetic to the troubles in Europe, but t hose troubles would hit home soon enough

by John Iddings

A Coin for William and Kate

Prince William and Kate middleton are commemorated on the first royal engagement coin issued by the Royal Mint

by David T. Alexander

Money of British Monarchs: The Coinage of the Williams

Collecotrs have a variety of coins to choose from, and the reign of William V would bring more

by R.W. Julian

The “Black Swan” Mystery Deepens

A new wave of information and briefs has muddied the waters surrounding the treasure ship and its artifacts

by Ron Meyer

Can the Euro Survive?

The euro has made many currencies obsolete, but has its original reason for existence passed it by?

by Tom DeLorey

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