August 31st, 2009

Table of Contents: August 2009

The Birth of the Kennedy Half Dollar

The vivid memories and images still conjured up by the coin can be attributed to the artists who created it
by Ed Reiter

The Rise and Fall of the Half Dollar

Political decisions concerning the half dollar made this former workhorse the non-circulating coin it is today

by R.W. Julian

Looking for Lincolns

Collectors and dealers are having a difficult time acquiring enough of the new Lincoln cents to meet their demands

by Dom Yanchunas

45 Years of Change

As the coin collecting hobby has evolved over the last nearly half century, so has COINage magazine

by Tom DeLorey

Coin Capsule: 1964

What should have been a time of “total frivolity” was overshadowed by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

by Jon Blackwell

The Mysterious 1964-D Peace Dollar

Representatives of the Mint’s Coining Division were directed to melt all trial strikes of this mythical coin. But do some still exist?

by Roger W. Burdette

The “Bible Bill”

Senate Bill 2012 was never passed, but it did everything it could to threaten and harass coin collectors

by David T. Alexander

Right on Track

The “Railways” series from the Austrian Mint can help you start your topical coin collection

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