February 18th, 2011

Table of Contents August 2010

New Slabs on the Block

Coin dealers and collectors still haven’t reached a consensus about the new premium-quality designation

by Dom Yanchunas

The Coinage of Massachusetts

All of the known dies have been carefully cataloged, but it is still possible to make an interesting new discovery in the series

by R.W. Julian

Coin Capsule: 1773

The original Tea Party took place in Boston, and colonists didn’t hesitate to use the George III Virginia halfpence

by John Iddings

Lovett & Sons

Robert Lovett Sr. and his sons made up a dynasty of engravers and die sinkers whose work spanned the 19th century

by David T. Alexander

“Slabs” Then and Now

Once simple coin holders in the 1960s, slabs today are a sort of security device, but they’re still not completely problem-free

by Tom DeLorey

Presidential Dollars: James Buchanan

Hoping that the Dred Scott decision would settle the slavery issue, the always formal Buchanan never confronted secession

by Ron Meyer

Money of British Monarchs: The Coinage of Edward VIII

The saga of Edward and Wallis Simpson makes his surviving coins that much more interesting and desirable

by R.W. Julian

Proper Bostonians

Boston has been a center of intellectual activity throughout American history and the foundation of many important numismatic advances

by David T. Alexander

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