July 8th, 2009

Table of Contents: July 2009

America’s 10 Most Wanted Coins

With 2009 marking the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln cent, it seems appropriate that we devote this list to the 10 “most wanted” in the series

by Ed Reiter

Ten Great Coin Collections

Two kings, one diplomat and a handful of prominent businessmen built some of the world’s most impressive coin collections

by David T. Alexander

Faked Out

An epidemic of counterfeit coins on eBay is forcing hobbyists to do their research and exercise caution before making online purchases

by Dom Yanchunas

Coin Capsule: 1852

This year’s events greatly influenced the rest of the decade, but could a different turn of events have prevented America’s bloodiest conflict?

by Jon Blackwell

The New Orleans Mint

This branch mint has been closed for just over 100 years, but its history lives on in a variety of gold and silver coins

by R.W. Julian

Signs of Progress

From Reconstruction until well into the 20th century, four black men served as register of the Treasury

by Jon Blackwell

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