February 18th, 2011

Table of Contents July 2010

“Plus”-Size Grading

People are already weighing in on the new supersize grading scale. What’s their reaction so far?

by Dom Yanchunas

America’s 10 Most Wanted Coins

With the revival of the Sacagawea dollar, it seems appropriate to dedicate this year’s list to coins that feature Native Americans

by Ed Reiter

The 10 “Biggest Losers”

Some of the worst ideas in U.S. coinage history are also some of the most collectible coins today

by David T. Alexander

Redesign Hits the C-Note

The new $100 bill incorporates some high-tech security features in an effort to further discourage counterfeiters

by Ron Meyer

How Did That Leave the Mint?

Many stunning coins have left the various U.S. mints under indefinite circumstances over the years

by Tom DeLorey

Coin Capsule: 1935

It was the final year of production for the Peace dollar, but events in Europe were moving closer to war

by Tom Toolen

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