June 18th, 2010

Table of Contents June 2010

“Reality Checks” on the Rise

At the request of hobbyists, certification services are returning to their roots: acknowledgment of authenticity

by Dom Yanchunas

Pro and COIN: It’s a Great, New—Online—Marketplace

With some common sense, the Internet is a good place to buy and sell coins

by Rita Laws, Ph.D.

Pro and COIN: Computer-Age Villains in a Vast and Lawless Landscape

Knowing how to navigate cyberspace does not make it a safe place to buy and sell coins

by Scott A. Travers

Profiles in Coinage: The Standing Liberty Quarter

An invitation-only competition produced a design that is still endeared by collectors after nearly a century

by Ed Reiter

Counterfeiting Through the Ages

The world’s second-oldest profession has been around almost since the dawn of coinage

by R.W. Julian

Old-Time Fakery

The need for an authentication-only service was recognized long before the recent wave of counterfeits hit

by Tom DeLorey

Coin Capsule: 1916

Europe was ravaged by war, but a coinage renaissance was taking place in the United States

by Ron Meyer

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