December 28th, 2011

Table of Contents March 2011

What’s Hot, What’s Not?

Collectors are taking advantage of many opportunities, but their interest has waned in some areas

by Dom Yanchunas

Profiles in Coinage: Gold Dollars

One of our nation’s smallest coins came out of the California Gold Rush, but its roots went back to the Southeast

by Ed Reiter

The “411” on the America the Beautiful Bullion

The Mint’s new product has been making headlines for months, but its story is really just beginning

by Tom DeLorey

Coin Capsule: 1991

Coin collecting, rather than investing, was the focal point for numismatists throughout this year

by John Iddings

High Fives

High-denomination Federal Reserve Notes command strong premiums on top of  their face value

by Ron Meyer

Money of British Monarchs: The Coinage of George IV

The volatile King had a short reign, but he left a fine numismatic legacy to be enjoyed by collectors for all time

by R.W. Julian


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