May 19th, 2010

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The Eagles Have Crash-Landed

The American Eagle programs suffered some recent setbacks, but the Mint can still get them back on track

By Tom DeLorey

Silver’s Turn to Shine?

As gold becomes more expensive, collectors are turning to silver as a cheaper alternative

By Dom Yanchunas

Profiles in Coinage: The Morgan Dollar

The coin has always been a popular collectible, but it was never well-liked in commerce

By Ed Reiter

Coin Capsule: 1971

Efforts to end the Vietnam War continued, and Walt Disney World opened its doors

By Tom Toolen

Breaking the Golden Bond

President Nixon’s decision to sever the tie between gold and the U.S. dolalr still affects our economy today

By R.W. Julian

Presidential Dollars: Franklin Pierce

Politically and personally, Pierce’s life was full of failure and tragedy

By Ron Meyer

Jane Pierce

The reclusive first lady was deeply religious and despised 19th-century politics

By Ron Meyer

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