September 8th, 2009

Table of Contents: September 2009

Showtime at the Smithsonian

A new exhibition at the National Museum of American History lets the public interact with rare coins and paper money

by Dom Yanchunas

Uncle Sam’s Coin Collection

The United States didn’t always have a National Numismatic Collection. Now, a fraction of it is back on display

by Tom DeLorey

The Unsung 1909-S Cent

The 1909-S Indian Head cent is always overshadowed by that “other” 1909-S cent, even though its statistics should make it more desirable

by Dom Yanchunas

Coin Capsule: 326 B.C.

Alexander the Great had conquered the world, and the idea of “coinage” was starting to catch on worldwide

by Jon Blackwell

Book Notes

There’s something for everyone as the author reviews three new books and comments on one second edition

by Mike Thorne

Presidential Dollars: James Knox Polk

Polk accomplished all four of his objectives and honored his pledge to serve only one term as president

by Ron Meyer

Sarah Polk

She was the only first lady who took on the additional role of the president’s private secretary

by Ron Meyer

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