August 14th, 2009

The ANA in L.A.

Finally, Some Good News!

The Los Angeles ANA convention was right in my own backyard, yet I’m still recovering from what feels like jet lag. Two and a half hours to travel 54 miles, even in a city with some of the world’s busiest freeway interchanges, was a longer drive than I was prepared for.

My room had no Internet access for two days, so I spent a fair amount of time being overly caffeinated, just so I could attempt to stay connected to reality. “Reality” included meeting the production deadline for COINage and saying “good morning” to my daughter via webcam.

The show itself didn’t have that big-convention feeling. It wasn’t like a New York, San Francisco or Baltimore show. It felt more like a very large local show, not the international exhibition it’s intended to be.

By the way, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay connected, but they may not give you all the news you need. For instance, while I was sitting in traffic or surfing from the local cafe, the precious metals market was moving right along.

On August 11, Harry Miller wrote for Numismatic News, “The precious metals market has certainly added a bright spot to pre-ANA convention activity.” Read the entire article here. At last, some good news, even if it was delayed.

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