October 5th, 2011

U.S. Mint Highlights World Teachers’ Day

United States Mint Highlights Free Resources for Educators on World Teachers’ Day

WASHINGTON – Beginning in 1994, October 5 was set aside to commemorate the vital role that
teachers play in providing quality education. In recognition of World Teachers’ Day, the United States
Mint is highlighting the free resources for teachers at its online learning community, located at
With the new school year in full swing, teachers are looking for innovative and interesting resources to
help instruct students in history, language arts, social studies and mathematics. The United States Mint
H.I.P. Pocket Change™ Web site, created in response to a 1997 presidential mandate to “enrich the
Internet as a learning tool,” offers lesson plans and project ideas that incorporate the educational value of
coins and coin collecting into the learning process.

Lesson plans are based on United States Mint initiatives like the America the Beautiful Quarters
® Program, the 12-year initiative launched in 2010 to honor 56 national parks and sites. The America the
Beautiful Quarters Program lesson plans are designed for grades K-12 and feature an interactive format
customized for students. The flexible lesson plan format may be applied to a variety of learning
environments – one computer to a classroom, one computer per student, or the traditional “pen and paper”
offline approach. The plans also integrate technology into the core curriculum and support national
education technology standards – models for 21st century learning. United States Mint lesson plans are free and available online at http://www.usmint.gov/kids/teachers/.

Created and reviewed by teachers to meet national curricular standards, the plans draw on the new quarter
reverse designs to inspire students to learn about the culture, geography, unique heritage and natural
beauty of our national parks and sites. Native American $1 Coin and other lesson plans are also available.

The H.I.P. Pocket Change™ Web site also includes redesigned “educators” pages that include such
features as:
• a central information section that provides updates on coin programs and education news
• specialized sections that target specific areas of interest (e.g., classroom, community, coins, kids)
• a reorganized navigation menu that provides easier access to available resources, including more
than 500 lesson plans and projects
• Classroom Gadgets, which include useful multiple classroom activities, such as a timer, bingo
game and card generator
• Trivia Treasures, a database of facts designed to spark ideas for lessons, including fun facts,
coin chronicles, coin specifications and minting statistics
• the re-formatted e-newsletter, “What’s New for You,” a tool to help the more than 13,000
members of the Teachers’ Network stay informed of the latest educational resources from the
United States Mint

The United States Mint, created by Congress in 1792, is the Nation’s sole manufacturer of legal tender
coinage and is responsible for producing circulating coinage for the Nation to conduct its trade and
commerce. The United States Mint also produces proof, uncirculated and commemorative coins;
Congressional Gold Medals; and silver, gold and platinum bullion coins.

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